1. The owner is the proprietor of the Garment(s) listed in the Schedule of this Agreement.
  2. The Hirer will hire the Garment(s) specified in the Schedule from the Owner upon the terms and conditions in this Agreement. 
  1. Definitions

    • In this agreement the following terms shall have the following meaning:
“Agreement” means the agreement constituted by the terms and conditions of this document and the supporting client application form the Hirer shall complete and submit to the owner;
“Garment(s)” means the garment(s) specified in the schedule of this Agreement;
“Hirer” means the person or entity hiring the Garment(s) from the Owner and whose name appears in the Schedule of this Document and in the client application form;
“Owner” means Styled by Bella, In the State of Western Australia
  1. Hire of Garment(s)

    • The Hiring of the Garment(s) will commence from the commencement date of the hire period specified in the Schedule and continue for the term therein.
  • The Hirer is entitled to use the Garment(s) for the hire period and for any agreed extensions of the hire period with the owner.
  1. Payment Terms

    • The Hirer agrees to pay the Owner the hire fee specified in the Schedule for the Garment(s) for the hire period, which includes any applicable GST.
    • The hire fee must be paid to the Owner prior to or on the commencement date of the hire period.
    • The owner will not refund any hire fee paid by the Hirer if the Hirer has taken possession of the Garment(s) and elects to return the Garment(s) prior to the end of the hire period, regardless of the reason.
    • The owner will not refund any hire fee due to late arrival, once items are posted out from Styled By Bella HQ, any late arrivals are via a third party and out of Styled By Bella’s control.
    • The Hirer agrees that it will be liable to the Owner for the replacement value of the Garment(s) should the Garment(s) be lost or stolen whilst in the possession of the hirer during the term of the hire period.
    • The Hirer agrees to pay a late return fee of $20.00 if the Garment(s) is not placed in an express post box the next business day after the hire period, up to a maximum of ten (10) days. The Hirer agrees that this is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss which the Owner may suffer as a consequence of the late return of the Garment(s) and is reasonable.
    • If the Garment(s) is not returned to the Owner within ten (10) days after the completion of the hire period, the Hirer shall be liable to the Owner for the replacement value of the Garment(s).
    • If the Hirer returns the Garment(s) damaged or soiled, in anyway whatsoever, the Hirer agrees to pay to the Owner the price the Owner will incur or has incurred to repair, dry-clean or replace the Garment(s), as determined in the Owners discretion, up to the replacement value of the Garment(s).
  1.      Cancelation Fees
4.1        Deposits/ Hire Fee's are strictly non-refundable
4.2        The Hirer agrees to forfeit the hire fee in the event the Hirer cancels a booking.
  1.      Hirer’s Obligations 
5.1        The Hirer undertakes to:
  1. care for the Garment(s) in a proper manner with the same diligence as a prudent owner would;
  2. return the Garment(s) in a clean and good repair at the end of the hire period;
  • use the Garment(s) only for the intended purpose in accordance with any manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations whether supplied by the Owner or stipulated on the Garment(s)
  1. not cut, alter or otherwise tamper with the Garment(s)
  2. satisfy itself in person before the commencement of the hire period that the Garment(s) complies with its description, is in suitable condition and is fit for the Hirer’s purpose;
  3. notify the Owner/dry cleaner of any defect or damage in the Garment(s) before the commencement date of the hire period, failing which the Hirer agrees to accept responsibility for any defect or damage to the Garment(s) during the hire period;
  • provide to the Owner a true current debit/credit card and driver’s license for the purpose of payments stipulated in clause 3 of this document and identification purposes.
  1. Indemnity 
6.1       To the full extent permitted by the law the Hirer releases, discharges and indemnifies the Owner from all claims and demands against the Owner arising out of or consequent on the use of the Garment(s) during the hire period.
6.2        To the full extent permitted by the law the Hirer will indemnify and   keep indemnified the Owner against all loss and damages (including legal costs) arising out of or in connection with any breach of, or failure to observe, any provision of this Agreement, howsoever caused, including negligence, except to the extent caused by or resulting from the sole negligence of the Owner.
  1.      Title to Garment(s)
  • The Hirer acknowledges that the Owner retains the title of the Garment(s) and that the Hirer has rights to use the Garments(s) as a mere bailee only.
  • The Hirer agrees not to offer or purport to sell, assign, sub-let, lend, pledge, mortgage let or hire or otherwise part with or attempt part with personal possession of the Garment(s).
  1.      Non-merger 
8.1        The covenants, agreements and obligations contained in this Agreement will not merge or terminate upon the termination of this agreement and to the extent that they have not been fulfilled or satisfied or are continuing obligations they will remain in force and effect.
  1.      Severance  
9.1        If any provision of this Agreement is wholly or partly invalid, unenforceable, illegal, void or voidable, this agreement must be construed as if that provision or part of a provision had been severed from this Agreement and the parties remain bound by all of the provisions remaining after severance. 
  1. Governing Law 
10.1      This agreement is governed by the Laws of Western Australia. Each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts exercising jurisdiction there in connection with matters concerning this Agreement.
  1. Entire Agreement
11.1      The Agreement as defined in clause 1.1 of this document comprises the entire agreement between the parties. No additional terms and conditions apply unless agreed to in writing by the parties.


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